Moving down to Leighton Buzzard

Looking at the forecast last week we settled on the sunniest of days to make our move south to Leighton Buzzard. And it was a wise move. Our cruise took us back out into the countryside with gorgeous scenery in near perfect conditions. Bright sunshine lighting up the trees and fields vividly.

And highlighting the beautiful bridges

We got to cruise through locks again, though we made the mistake of not leaving enough time to enjoy the Three Locks Inn before working the Soulbury flight of 3. (Where were you John when we needed a lockie. Oh yes enjoying living on your own boat now. )

And then we got to Leighton Buzzard and it got cold, very cold. The canal froze and it snowed and snowed and snowed.

I’m so glad we insisted on extra insulation under the floor when we had Firecrest built. Tonight the forecast says it will reach -12 – if I don’t blog again you’ll know we didn’t survive…..