On towards Abingdon

Its only about 10 miles from Oxford to Abingdon, but we took a few days to enjoy the scenery and to wind down from the grandeur we’d been in awe of over the past week. However we still found ourselves suffering from some serious house envy,

Its even got mooring, although we hate to think of the flood risk

And boat envy

A Thames Galleon

We moored up at Sandford lock to use the electric charging point.

Plugging in for some serious juice

We’d done over three weeks since our last charge at St John’s and from Eric’s calculations we might have made four if the dramatic grey clouds hadn’t been quite so dramatic.

We’ve seen some gorgeous clouds this month

But the sun shone at Sandford and fully charged we continued downstream, and having enjoyed some peace and quiet we decided to moor up within sight and sound of Culham park motocross track the day the quad bikes had come out to play. For someone who gets excited watching the BMX races at the olympics this is just as ludicrous and 100 times noisier and dustier. And I sat engrossed watching these noisey beasts flying through the air trying to out do each other.

Culham motocross track

But it was the swans that really won me over

Bringing the family to say hello

The following day we meekly approached Abingdon. Only to find ourselves in a lock with a sense of humour. Needless to say we kept our bacon butties well out of sight incase they were confiscated

Not sure if CRT could get away with this.