Kelmscott Manor

We didn’t linger in Lechlade, it was cold and despite it being a pretty little place we decided to save our explorations for another time. We meandered back along the twists and turns of the river enjoying the countryside until we found a bank to moor against where I could get of the boat with my dignity intact and Eric could climb onto the roof to do some more solar panel wiring.

Everyone is happy

Although I thought we were in the middle of nowhere, it turns out to have been a favourite place of the Victorian textile designer William Morris. He rented the 16th century manor house at Kelmscott to help him escape the paparazzi of his day.

Kelmscott Manor

I wonder what he would have made of the likes of me wandering around his garden, marvelling in the beauty of the place

I would have loved to go inside the manor, as it has been conserved and is open to the public but only on certain days.

However as the gates were open and it isn’t anyone’s home I had a sneaky walk around outside.

One of Morris’ ideals and concerns was the damage done by architectural restoration. No wonder he loved this village, I felt like I had stepped back in time a few centuries.

I think it would be quite an enjoyable challenge to walk the entire Thames Path