What happened to the sunshine

Yesterday, when we arrived, there were happy families playing in the river here at Radcot, but this morning it was kagouls not kayaks or cossies. But we needed to push on as we had booked a mooring at St John’s Lock for that night.

Wild mooring has its appeal…. when the sun’s shining

And luckily the showers became more intermittent and the locks were manned

Grafton Lock

Despite it being a bank holiday weekend the river was quiet, probably a good job looking at all the twists and turns we had to navigate

Even Lewis Hamilton would take this hairpin slowly

After two hours we were quite glad to moor up under the watchful eye of Old Father Thames

Old Father Thames, with the addition of a shovel

One of the benefits of river cruising is the availability of electric charging points along the way. And the Environment Agency gives mooring priority to electric boats. The downside is that they ask that you book 48 hours in advance, which we had done, but then had to cruise in the drizzle this morning to arrive on time. But equally so, we were able to plan to arrive with a low battery reading and leave the next day fully charged with enough power for a week or more.

Electic charging point at St John’s lock