A journey for Jo

I sent Jo the photos I’d taken of her marina on Sunday and before I knew it she’d hopped in her car and driven up to join us for the day. The excitement of cruising your own boat for the first time is pretty hard to beat, but seeing someone else’s joy and excitement of being on the water comes pretty close.

We started our day with breakfast at Gongoozlers Rest, and a visit to the small museum in the Braunston Stop house. Setting off up the North Oxford Canal, we cruised for 2 hours upto Dunchurch Pools marina. It already holds 30 or so boats even though it’s still clearly being built with metal work sticking out of the water. I guess it’ll be home to 100-150 boats eventually and fellow bloggers may recognise one of the new residents.

Sadly we only got to know Tom or Jan through their blog, and the new owners of Waiouru ¬†weren’t aboard to say hello to.

If I wanted to live in a marina it’s certainly got a lovely feel to it, with stunning rural views, though not having a car, I’d prefer to be within walking distance of somewhere to by the essential daily pint.

Jo took her turn at the helm and luckily she didn’t fall in or bump our prescious boat.

I’m not sure the neighbours were all that bothered by all our excitement

It was gone 5 pm by the time we got back to Braunston so we waved goodbye to Jo and we continued on our way towards the locks as we’d already used up our 48 hour permitted mooring.