Where do we go from here?

Where do we go from here, we asked ourselves. Our journey to Braunston had been largely dictated by us inviting friends to visit Firecrest. Its location provided easy access by car and a choice of routes by boat. We could could go north towards Rugby or south along the Oxford canal, or we could continue along the Grand Union north towards Leicestershire or south, ultimately towards London. Our decision was swayed by the fact that we still need to have some work done to the boat.  Braidbar weren’t able to fix the leaking radiator joints before we left. Wharf House have a plumber who is willing to look at the problem for us so we need to be here later this month. In the mean time we still have friends wanting to see us (or the boat, both I hope) so we got the big map out and it said Grand Union, southwards.

What the big map also showed us was how closely the canal ran parallel with both the intercity train line and the M1 motorway. This was not going to be a peaceful stretch of our journey, but oh boy did our hearts go out when we saw the queue of stationary traffic on the motorway.  We hope this won’t put any more of our friends getting in touch and arranging to visiting us.

Pin the mean time Weedon Bec here we come.

After posting this on Sunday I got to study the map a bit more and realised that although I was feeling a bit smug that the canal predates the M1 and the railway, it doesn’t predate the Roman Road that traverses the country from Dover to Wroxeter (Shrewsbury) which is the current A5 also known in parts as Watling Street. If only the canals had been built as straight as the Roman roads…. But what would be the fun of that….