A week of visitors

We thought that Bugsworth Basin would give us the opportunity to make really good progress with the dreaded wiring, and to a certain extent we have. But oh boy have we had a good week here. We’ve made so many friends that poor Eric has had to keep his work area neat and tidy as we’ve kept inviting people to look at the boat.

I’ve managed a few nice photos of the inside of the boat, particularly the saloon and conservatory.

and while I was doing the vacuuming indoors Eric set to with the mop and bucket.

We met up with a local couple who drive an electric car and of course we had to compare our batteries. After a short cruise we agreed that the one thing we had in common was that no one can hear us coming.

We spent a day with Ian and Joy whose electric boat is due to be completed soon, and as both their boat and ours use the same motor, they were encouraged to see and hear how pleasant it is to cruise an electric boat.

On Friday, family came for the day, and as they have been listening to us talking about our boat for the past  5 or so years, it was a real pleasure to show off Firecrest and a reality at last.

And finally having imposed myself upon Wiseheart Studio’s hospitality all week, I thought it would be nice to invite Kate Annie and Martyn to see the boat. It was the first time we have sat in the conservatory in the evening and it certainly won’t be the last, the only thing I’d forgotten, was to get in a bottle of ‘chilled white’. Although I don’t think anyone minded and I suspect that Kate Annie and Martyn were as impressed with Firecrest as I have been with Wiseheart studio.

I wish I’d thought to take snaps of all our visitors, we’ve had more smiles on board than a school photographer gets to see.