Bird life

Leaving the Canada geese behind, I was on my way to … Well my second home for the week, Wiseheart Studio for more knit and natter and for a change it was gloriously warm and sunny. The bird life was out in force. I never realised just how many Robins there are hopping about. I guess we’re all familiar with the single one that’s made its teritory in our own back garden but once you start walking through the the countryside with no physical garden boundaries it felt like a Robin invasion was taking place, not that I’m complaining, they have a very sweet song. Funny how I’d never considered how many Robins there are.

And I confess to getting very excited when I saw this little gem flitting amongst some ivy. But alas, it’s a Goldcrest not a Firecrest. An easy way to spot the difference is that firecrests have a white band above their eyes. They are have a paler belly.

And finally I heard this fella, before I saw it. It’s a Nuthatch. They are quite a big little bird almost like a small woodpecker. There is a footbridge that I use on my daily walk and it elevates me to the top of the tree height so it’s interesting to view the wildlife from a different angle.

Sadly I can’t take credit for any of these photos but have to thank mr Google for them.

Of course I shouldn’t leave without sharing another photo from Wiseheart as I have enjoyed a fair bit of knitting and spinning in their company.