…and enemies

not everyone is lovely. In the past two weeks we have had three items stolen. 2 whilst in the yard itself, the bunged hooks to hold open the back door have had the bungs pinched twice. Apparently you can’t just buy a replacement bungs, so light fingered chancers tend to think that boat yards can afford to replace the whole hook on boats in build.

And yesterday or today we lost our TV ariel.

You could say it’s our own fault for leaving it out on the boat, but who wants to go outside to bring the ariel in at the end of an evening. We have wifi and radio ariels on the boat as well. All designed to be unscrewed easily to allow easy passage under low bridges. We’re going to have to chain everything down.

Its left a nasty bitter feeling after a lovely afternoons cruise, but I’ll leave you with a photo of us cruising past the old Goyt Mill going into Marple to show the day wasn’t all bad.