Friends and family

We decided to treat ourselves to an easy day today as Tim, our son was coming to visit and we were still reeling from a stormy windy night. The morning consisted of completing small jobs like wiring a car radio into the galley so we can have music on the move if we want, though I can’t imagine anything sweeter than the bird song.
We walked up the Middlewood Way to meet Tim at the train station, and on the way a cyclist stopped to ask us for directions, in those few minutes we discovered she was a medalist for team GB at Rio, I apologised for not recognising her but it was a real thrill to be able to thank her and tell he how much I’d enjoyed the games and had cheered her on during the road race.
We’ve met some fascinating people this week, all with interesting stories to tell. Yesterday I spoke to the anglers who appear regularly by the boats, apparently the fish enjoy the bits that get flushed out of the boats with the washing up water. And far from disturbing the anglers here, they seem to catch more just after a boat has passed by, Not sure if all anglers share this sentiment but it seems a harmonious arrangement to me. They are after the pike at this time of year.
And the bird watcher who helped me identify the chiffchaff that I’d seen in the bushes. I thought it was a willow warbler but apparently they are migratory birds and on their holidays in January.

Tim hadn’t seen the boat complete before, not many people have. Boat life isn’t for him although he made appropriately impressed comments when pushed. He’d come to take advantage of Eric’s soldering iron to make himself a keyboard. Like father like son. Why buy ready made when you can custom build your own.

Looks like we’re set for another noisy night this time from rain lashing the boat rather than yesterdays wind.