Aquaducts and Tunnels


On the Stratford canal we passed over the longest aquaduct in England at Edstone (pontcycsyllte is the longest in uk and Wales). 475feet long. Aquaducts are usually more impressive when viewed from below but this one spans a river a road and a railway, and is 28feet high so quite scary looking down.

The aquaducts towpaths on the Stratford canal are unusual because they were built to run at the depth of the canal trough, not the usual level with the water.

Shortly after we turned onto the Grand Union canal we came to a tunnel. It’s interesting because it has a separate adjacent tunnel for the horses towing path.

The Shrewley tunnel, built in 1799. It leaks. Some say it’s haunted but I think it’s just the boaters shrieking when they get dripped on.