Wending our way towards Warwick

From Lapworth, Firecrest was to wend her way onto the Grand Union Canal towards Warwick

but first I hopped on a train into Birmingham to meet Mum on her connecting train. It was to be her first visit to our new home, and I couldn’t wait to show her our new lifestyle.

We’d planned a short evening cruise to the start of the Hatton flight so she knew what a tranquil life we lead,

before the daunting prospect of 21 locks in a row. We even got our first photo of a kingfisher. -humour me, it’s in the centre, get your magnifying glass out.

Tuesday broke with weather set fair for the flight and the boat ahead of us were not only happy to share the locks but they’d been boating for many years and had a wealth of experience to share. Thankyou Alan and Heather from NB Hull Cottage.

And looking back.

And before we knew it we were moored up and having lunch at The Cape of Good Hope pub, patting ourselves on the back for a job well done. Then in keeping with our tradition, mum and I played scrabble and she won.

The weather changed on Wednesday so mum and I caught a bus into Warwick centre and found some nice coffee shops and had lunch in the restaurant at the Lord Leycster Hospital, it was delicious and I would recommend it. We couldn’t resist a wander around St Mary’s church for our history fix and I discovered that the chained and muzzled bear on the Warwick coat of arms had come about because one of the early earls of Warwick had captured a bear in the forest and kept it on a ragged staff, he then was found guilty of treason but later granted a reprieve, however the King decreed that whilst the earl couldn’t be silenced as an act of symbolism, his bear should be kept muzzled.

I won the scrabble on Wednesday but sadly Mum had to return to her home on Thursday so we declared it a draw.