Bugsworth Basin

Bugsworth Baisin is the head of the navigation from Buxworth to Dukinfield on the 14 mile Peak Forest Canal.

 Built in the late 1790’s for the transportation of limestone and gritstone from the higher quarries. It became a hub for the preparation of lime in the 19 kilns and the import of other goods for the local mills and businesses to and from Manchester. At one point over 600 tonnes of limestone was passing through the basin every day and it was the largest inland port in England, and all with horse drawn barges. It was closed in 1927 and fell into disrepair. Thankfully a dedicated team from the Inland Waterways Protection Society set about restoring what was left in 1968 and the basin was opened for navigation again in 2005. The Bugsworth Basin Heritage Trust continues to maintain and improve the facilities and environment for both those on the water and the land.

This is where we are moored. The arches are the remains of one of the buildings