From Morse to Murders and a night in Wallingford

We waved goodbye to Abingdon to meander downstream through the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.

Heading towards Days lock with the Wittenham Clumps iron age fort on the hill

Past some very desirable boat houses

And the house that came with it wasn’t too shabby either

And the best decorated pill box that we had ever seen

We didnt even realise it was a pill box at first

We’d heard from friends that Wallingford was a lovely place to visit, although as it features prominently in Midsomer Murders we weren’t entirely sure how safe we would be. But sure enough although we didn’t stumble over any famous dead bodies we did see a film crew.

Could this be the site of the next Midsomer Murder…..

There’s plenty of mooring on both sides of the river looking towards the medieval stone bridge

Looking towards Wallingford Bridge

although the banks are quite high, so a bit of an undignified climb out of the boat for me. But the nice edge made it very easy for us to attach the jubilee bunting that I had made, and cause we were able to simply turn the boat around to do the other side.

The best dressed boat, ready to celebrate the jubilee

But lovely as Wallingford was to wander around,

That unusal spire belongs to St Peter’s church, not the Town Arms pub

the powers that be have decided that they will charge £12 per night to moor. The lady comes around between 8 and 9 each morning, so of course the boats that know had all disappeared by then, we however paid our fee and left later. Its an odd concept, the council surely can’t make much money, but it meant that we only stayed one night.

Looking from the bridge

Still, its a fascinating little town, old and quirky and we will look forward to a return visit.