Fully Cooked

I don’t tend to share about more personal things, but we both feel strongly about this, and now “Mission possible 2” is complete. Both Eric and I have had our second vaccine, 10 weeks after our first in Leicester. We had followed the instructions and booked both at the same time, but when the fresh advice came through to have number 2 at 8 weeks, everything fell into place for us to re book in Stoke, and the even better, the Tunstall centre is within an easy walk from the canal. We did make our nurse laugh when she asked if we had travelled by car, “no we came by boat”

Complementary masks and stickers

We’re still keen to maintain our social distances and wear our masks, and we’re still keeping shopping trips to a minimum and washing our hands with more zeal than we did 18 months ago. But it is getting harder to remember that we still need to take care.

And here’s a tray of freshly fully cooked scones to celebrate.