Macclesfield Treacle Market

Macclesfield used to be known as Treacletown because of an accident centuries ago when a horse cart toppled over and spilt its cargo of treacle all over the cobbles. everywhere was sticky but the local poor quickly scooped up what they could and had a feast.

The treacle market is a monthly celebration of real good food and arty crafts

Macclesfield has a fascinating history,  We had to climb the 108 steps, which apparently where mentioned in the doomsday book. The legend is that if you can run up without getting out of breath you can make a wish and it will come true. I wish I were fitter.

Once we got our breath back it was a lovely atmosphere.  The stalls were set around the 14th century church, st Michels,

And the Butter Market town hall

There was loads to see

Packed in like kippers

It was a glorious warm day

With buskers and entertainment

I’m not sure this stall held only local specialities

If we go back next month I must remember not to go shopping the day before cause there really was an abundance of delicious produce to buy. including sticky treacle pudding.

As we’re discovering when you think of places to visit in England, Macclesfield might not be your number one choice but it really has a lot of character and a proud history. On 13th April, they are holding the potato riot re enactment and feast. See you there?