Weekend wanderings

Please forgive the lack of posts for a whole week. I’m just too busy enjoying myself and Eric’s too busy working…… Oh and at long last, the sun’s been shining.

At least I know Eric hasn’t been off cruising without me as he’s was still hemmed in by 2 other Braidbar boats, the Mary Sunley which is the community boat, Sunflower and Trading Posts day hire boat.

I had a week in the Lakes eating cake, playing scrabble, dodging the snow and counting lambs. Sadly non of the lambs were in within photo range. But once I got back to Firecrest, the sun emerged and so did the wildlife.

Once Sunflower was taken back into the yard, the swans were able to come and say hello

We set off for a cruise downstream This weekend, along with all the other boaters enjoying the sunshine and came across this sight, at first I thought it was a sculpture.

But then as we cruised past, we realised it was a very confident heron, not at all disturbed by our passing boat.

And we came across these Jacob Sheep that had escaped from their field and were enjoying the canal side vegatation

After a beautiful days cruise our mooring wasn’t the prettiest, but the sunset was still very pretty. More adventures planned for tomorrow.