Oxford part 2 time to play

I’m sure all those new graduates that we saw on Saturday worked hard for their degrees but I suspect they had also played hard during their time in Oxford. Port Meadow appeared to be a favourite place to let off steam.

Its not just fish swimming in the river

There were swimmers and frolickers in the water most days regardless of the weather. The temptation to join them proved too much although there was no way I was brave play Tarzan and swing off the tree.

The clear river water was too tempting to ignor

Of course some preferred getting up a bit of speed on the river and most mornings we saw the rowers being put through their paces

This team looks like champions

But in the evenings it seemed to be the paddle boarders came out to play

Thought we were under attack with this lot headed straight for us

We were very impressed by how clean the water was, very little litter, save for the occassional champagne cork bobbing along.

No plastic here

We didn’t run to champagne, but just across Medley Bridge was a lovely riverside bar that did woodfired pizza with wild garlic which hit the spot on more than one evening, even when it rained.