Meandering amonst the meadows

We weren’t quite sure what to expect from the Thames. On the Trent, mooring was more or less restricted to the floating pontoons around the locks, and we had to call ahead on our VHS radio to alert lock keepers we were approaching, but not on the Thames.

Approaching Eynsham lock

The Trent’s frequent electric charging posts were a real bonus, just paying for what we needed on our precharged card. But it felt a bit like a motorway, plenty of boats getting from A to B as quickly as possible. The Upper Thames has a very different feel. Its a lot quieter, and people are simply enjoying the river. And the riverside pubs.

The Old Swan at Radcott

We’ve taken to the challenge of wild mooring. Who needs armco or pins when you can tie to a tree.

And poor Eric got stung by the nettles as well

Ok we do, but its been a novelty that we’ve enjoyed. Perhaps its the time of year, mid May, that everything is fresh and green.

So many trees, hard to see where the river flows

Or even yellow

We found ourselves a bit of steep bank that we could get close enough into to be able to get on and off

And a field full of buttercups

We a footpath into the village of Eynsham

Just outside of Eynsham, so whilst I sat in the field with my little electric spinning wheel

Eric sat on the roof of the boat wiring in the last of our solar panals. Needless to say retro fitting panels that require wiring being threaded up, under and behind every conceivable obstruction is not to be recommended and all I can say is no wonder it took him so long to psyche himself up to tackle the job.

No rest for the wicked

Whilst Eric was engrossed in his project, I thought I’d take myself for a walk up that hill, only to discover that its part of the Wytham Woods estate, owned by one of the Oxford Colleges. It is a research site containing ancient woodland that has remained under strict preservation since the 1940s and the general public are not allowed in without special permission. Perhaps next time we are here, I’ll be better prepared and will get that permission in advance.

Beacon Hill and Wytham woods

In the mean time I’ll just happily watch another sunset