The Joy of being back on the canal

The metropolitan borough of Sefton might not hold the most beautiful section of canal, but after being cooped up for 8 months we smiled at CRTs latest advertising banner.

Sound advice

We woke to a family of goslings cutting across the calm reflection at Litherland, but knowing the forecast was predicted to hit the 30’s we didn’t hang around. And off we set, cruising freely again. Although we weren’t sure if the geese were seeing us off.

Too many to count

And the herons were providing a guard of honour

Nice tho see Herons again

It was a joy to see such a variety of wildlife again

Coots on their nest

Perhaps some was a little stranger than we expected.

Whatever floats your boat

And we’re not sure that exercise suits everyone

On the road to nowhere

One of the events to be cancelled during Lockdown was the Aintree Grand National. I wonder how many of those race goers have any idea what the turn at Canal Corner looks like on the outside of the fence.

Canal Corner

There are too many trees for us to see the course properly

The Aintree race course

So we carried on our way. We had been worried that the canal would have become a dumping ground with the council tips closed. To some extent we were right, but although there were a number of big plastic items bobbing around, we only had to stop once to remove the urban jelly fish from the prop. We hadn’t expected our journey to be stopped by a carpet of waterlillies

Are we still on the Canal?

We continued our journey though Maghull and into Lancashire, I’d had to open 7 swing bridges on today’s journey.

Yet another swing bridge

But I was well rewarded with views of fields with yellow rape and red poppies

Fields of gold

And dog daisies growing along the bank.

Dog daisies

Oh the sheer joy of being back on the canal, Anyone would think we hadn’t enjoyed Liverpool, which is wrong, we had made the most of a completely different lifestyle, it had been like being on a good holiday, but we were glad to be back home. One thing remained the constant. Our evening sunset.

Sunset at Downholland Cross