The post we’ve all been waiting for

We’ve made our maiden voyage, our shake down cruise. Words can’t describe how good that feels

The day dawned crisp and bright, and Eric was confident that the batteries were charged and we had sufficient cooling power to allow us a few hours without concern. We’ve both walked and cruised this section of the canal several times so we were familiar with the easy cruise up to the winding point at High Lane (that’s ‘wind’ as in the weather, not ‘wind’ the clock, where the canal widens to allow a boat to turn around. Don’t ask me why!)

Being Sunday we had a plentiful audience enjoying the day, non of them any the wiser as to how nervous we were. Thankfully Eric reversed us out of the Braidbar yard without hitting anything and off we set.    Of course this being our first cruise meant that neither of us was prepared to leave the boat to take photos although we were snapped by several of the walkers.

We cruised for about an hour and half, it was a crisp and clear day and  although we thought we’d wrapped up warm we were frozen by the time we moored up. We hadn’t credited the difference it would make between how warm we felt when out walking and how chilled we got standing at the helm. Guess I’ll be adding some thermals to the shopping list but please don’t hold out any hope of seeing those on a future blog. 

We moored back up on the Braidbar spot on the canal, and Eric’s still tweaking the wires and we’re getting closer and closer to gaining our independance.