Weedon Bec

Through the Buckby locks and a few miles down the canal is Weedon Bec. A quirky little place that seems to specialise in antique shops, I lost count as they merged into one another but more useful for boaters is the tesco express that is 5 minutes walk from the canal.

But I couldn’t resist exploring the place having seen a curious structure on the map. A very formal 100m of canal on the map, although not connected now, presumably it was a branch off the main line at some stage in its past.

The Depot turned out to be a Napoleonic Ordnance depot built in the early 1800’s. I was intregued and pleased that I could wander around this piece of history. Not that I am overly familiar with what a gunpowder storage facility looks like but there were 8 magnificent brick warehouses either side of the canal and more buildings beyond. The sort of place I wished I would take atmospheric black and white photos. Nowadays there is a variety of commercial outlets, more antiques and brickabrack, classic cars and artist studios. I spent an hour wandering around. 

And right at the end was a bramley apple tree. Well it would have been rude not to tidy up the windfalls a bit don’t you think?