The Sunrises and Sunsets, and life goes on

One of my favourite things about our Liverpool staycation has been watching the sunsets, I could nip out of the boat and be facing West over looking the Mersey in 2 minutes. I’d head to where Billy Fury was taking the pose

Billy Fury

and usually there’d be a small group of us anticipating the end of the day. It created a sense of shared faith as we all reflected on our strange circumstances

Gathering to say goodnight to the day

During the winter we would get the occasional splash of pink lightning up Salthouse Dock

The carousel by Salthouse dock

And if I walked to the far side of the dock I could look back towards Firecrest and the stunning backdrop. It was unusual to see the water as mirror still as this in an evening, much more common in the morning

Looking north towards Firecrests mooring

Of course during the winter waking up early enough to catch the sunrise wasn’t too difficult and I didn’t even need to leave Firecrest to see views like this most January mornings.

Looking south, from the boat early in the morning.

Although some mornings were so shrouded in mist that we couldn’t see anything in front of us.

Misty mornings

But it was always lovely to return to Firecrest after an afternoons winter shopping when everything was lit up

Winter dusk

The first Sunday in December saw the annual Santa dash, I couldn’t count how many, but they raised a lot of money before setting off for Lapland to pick up the toys. I’m glad it was such a lovely day for them.

Frosty December glow

And it never failed to amaze me how dramatically the Liver buildings changed colour at dusk with the lovely reflection over Canning Dock

Golden evening glow

And despite all my evening walks I was surprised that I only picked up this view looking at the Liver building through the Albert Dock this week.

Midsummers day at 9.30pm

Possibly because I liked walking past the tall ships anchored in Canning Dock, which they have recently moved into the Albert dock. This is the Kathleen and May, back in April

The Kathleen and May

One of the things I’ve missed during lockdown is spring in the countryside, no green fields full of frolicking lambs. But I know that when we start cruising again I’ll miss my evening strolls to see what colour the sky has turned, burning embers

Looking across the Mersey to Wallasey town hall

Or soothing duvet

Summer sunsets were soft and fluffy

It would always feel hopeful, the way ahead lit up

Lights along the waterfront

That there will always be someone looking out for us

Got Frank Walker

On Easter day in Suffolk the local churches would gather for a sunrise service by the river, in Liverpool that wasn’t possible, but I did see sunrise over the cathedral which helped me feel connected with my family and friends when we were all keeping apart.

Looking towards the cathedral on Easter morning